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Winter Competition Rules

  • Balls embedded in their own pitch mark off the fairway can be lifted cleaned and dropped within a club length no nearer the hole without penalty.
  • Fairway mats may be used but you must decide on the first tee whether you choose to use the mat or move to the first cut. This decision applies to the whole round. Please tell your fellow competitors your choice before teeing off.
  • A ball on the fairway must either be played from a mat or moved to either side of the fairway and placed in the first cut of rough not inside the white lines marked. No advantage must be gained from choosing a particular side compared to where you were on the fairway. For example if you are impeded by an overhanging tree from where the ball rests on the fairway you cannot move to the other side of the fairway in order to avoid it. Equally if a bunker lies between you and the flag you must not choose a side in order to avoid the bunker. If in doubt please consult your fellow competitors before making the decision.
  • Roped off areas around the course, particularly greens. You can take relief from your swing or stance at the nearest point of relief no nearer the flag. If the rope or posts lie between you and the flag you must play the ball and if you strike the rope or post you must retake the shot regardless of where it lands without penalty.
  • A ball in the mouth of a green just off the green but on the fairway can be played where it lies with a putter or a bump and run iron shot. Please be extra careful not to take a divot.
  • A ball in areas of gorse may be deemed as GUR and a drop taken.

Dates for your Diary

Hello Farewell - Friday 28th February

Captains Drive In - Sunday 2nd March 

Presentation Night 11th April

Good Friday 18th April Spring AM AM

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4BBB Wednesday 21st January

Fun Competition Wednesday 4th February

4BBB Wednesday 18th February

4BBB Wednesday 4th March

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